Take a step in the right direction and you will find your smile again. It will be there beaming by the light of God's amazing grace. 
― Calvin W. Allison

Let's get personal. That is, discover your personal style — with confidence.


Everyone has their own, unique style. While it may be difficult for you to articulate what that may be, I am here to help.

I call it style personality. And in order to successfully express your personal style, we must first uncover what makes you YOU. In this 1.5 hour workshop, we will walk through a few style exercises to channel your style voice. We’ll discuss your lifestyle and current dress code and discover how it currently relates to your wardrobe and where it may need to go. In addition, we will identify your body shape and what serves you best. We’ll determine potential gaps in your closet to help make the transition to a fulfilled wardrobe a smooth and pleasant journey. Yes! Clear direction with loads of excitement!



*Currently scheduling 2.5 weeks out. Secure your style session by booking today!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. It was the best experience and gave me great confidence in my style. Getting an outfit together is so much easier and less time-consuming for me now. I even manage to stay in the same outfit all day. It is such great feeling to be able to run errands, pick up the kids from school and even go to dinner without changing 3 times! You changed the way I think about clothes and how I wear them and I am so thankful for your help. I've referred to my photos several times and have added most of the items you suggested. I don't know how I ever lived without these items in my closet!


Concord, NC

Ready to spread your wings after your 1:1 Style Intensive?

One of the most exciting things I hear immediately after a 1:1 Style Intensive session is, "What's my next step?" While there are many directions, of course, here are two paths that seem to dovetail nicely from the style intensive workshop.


Monthly Style Subscription

40 minutes each month to use as you like: closet organization, strategic shopping list, seasonal wardrobe capsule. 3-month initial commitment, monthly thereafter.


Outfit Coordination

An in-person or virtual session by the hour where we put together fun + fresh outfits from your existing wardrobe. 2 hour minimum. 

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