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Top Wardrobe Stylist + Style Coach

For over 25 years, I've been culling preeminent lifestyle brands for my clients. In addition, I've curated a Top 10 for local companies to highlight and feature for their customers. Don't miss my picks for the fall/winter season. Just starting to populate!

CURATED Shopping with Catherine Horgan

Curator is a noun — one who keeps and organizes. And it has a verb counterpart: to curate is to organize and look after. True curation creates real value, provides context and shows how it fits into our world.


As curator, my job is to be a good steward, which I take very seriously. I'm known in the industry for my meticulous attention to detail and I enjoy keeping those who want to be in the know ahead of the curve. I want to direct your attention to what matters and help you understand why it matters. You'll be glad to know, for me it's always been about being mindful. And in this time in our lives, it's even more important to navigate life with this lens.

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Interested in personal shopping?

Wardrobe styling goes far beyond just picking out something to wear. It’s an understanding of timeless fashion, paired with the knowledge of how to interpret trends based on your personal style. It’s creating a customized wardrobe that truly expresses your unique style in a way that makes you feel confident every day.

Working with a virtual wardrobe stylist will provide all the attention of hands-on styling at home through the convenience of technology.

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