What does it mean to live from the inside out?


Company Initiatives

  • Health + Wellness Kick-off Meeting

  • Health + Wellness Workshops

  • Self Expression of Style in the Workplace Workshops



David Harker, Harker

We are fortunate to embrace what we consider a healthy environment for our team. However, when it came down to the communication of health and wellness at Harker, we lacked documentation. Catherine worked with us to create an office appropriate approach to health and wellness, based on our core values. She wrote the initiative into our Employee Handbook and even came into the office to kick off the initiative over lunch, in which she helped us choose healthy options (and educated us on them, too). With Catherine's help, our team understands a whole new level of caring that extends beyond our office...it pours over into their homes and their communities.

Kelly, San Daniele

I can’t begin to express how helpful Catherine has been in creating our workplace attire and health/wellness sections of our employee handbook. We are a small start-up and she walked through what needed to be included, as well as finessed the verbiage to reflect our company and personality. She was always available and helpful. I highly recommend her.