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―  Earl of Chesterfield

Wardrobe Styling for Executives & C-Level Leaders

Keeping up with schedules (yours and your entire entourage) has you spinning. Please pause and breathe here for a minute.


Know that you're in the right place.


You have all the permission in the world to say 'yes' to YOU and 'no' to the overwhelm. That's exactly why VIP Styling was created, for the on-the-go woman with a purpose.


This high level styling service is exclusive, with limited availability, so please don't ponder on this too long. You already know you need it because you're here.


VIP Styling is designed around your busy life with personal styling support in the following areas:

  • Personal style discovery + blueprint (virtual or in person)

  • Closet assessment + edit (virtual or in person)

  • Virtual shopping

  • Monthly 1:1 style coaching + wardrobe planning (virtual)

  • Skin care + makeup routine, lessen and curated shopping (virtual)

  • Photo shoot prep, outfit styling and on set support (travel expenses additional if not local)

In the fast-paced world of executive and C-level leadership, image is not a superficial facet. It's a strategic asset that can shape careers, open doors and influence outcomes. The way one presents oneself in the professional sphere goes beyond mere attire; it extends to an embodiment of confidence, self-expression and authenticity.


In the high-stakes arena of boardrooms and executive suites, where decisions carry tremendous weight and leadership is scrutinized at every turn, one's image and self-expression become pivotal elements of influence. There is significance of image and empowerment derived from self-expression in the context of executive and C-level leadership, demonstrating how they intertwine to create a powerful force for success, innovation, and transformation in the corporate world.

**Title: Elevate Your Executive Presence: Wardrobe Styling for Executives and C-Level Leaders**

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, executive leadership demands more than just competence; it requires a commanding presence that exudes confidence, authenticity, and influence. For women in executive and C-level positions, personal style and image are not mere vanity but powerful tools that can shape personal brands and catalyze professional success. This page is dedicated to exploring the profound impact that wardrobe styling can have on female executives, shedding light on how a strong personal brand, nurtured through self-expression, extends into their roles and professional conduct. Discover how unlocking your unique style can be a transformative force, allowing you to confidently navigate the corporate world and leave an indelible mark on your organization.

**Section 1: The Power of Personal Branding**
In the modern corporate arena, personal branding isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessity. We delve into how your personal brand influences your career trajectory and how wardrobe styling plays a pivotal role in defining and enhancing it. Learn how your authentic self-expression can set you apart in the eyes of your peers, superiors, and industry peers.

**Section 2: Dress for Success: Beyond the Basics**
Explore the art of dressing for success and why it goes far beyond simply adhering to dress codes. Discover how to strike the balance between professionalism and personal style, showcasing your uniqueness while commanding respect in the boardroom. Our expert tips will guide you in curating a wardrobe that empowers you to present your best self daily.

**Section 3: The Confidence Factor**
Confidence is the cornerstone of executive leadership, and personal style can be a potent confidence booster. We delve into how aligning your wardrobe with your authentic self can elevate your confidence, leading to more effective communication, decision-making, and leadership.

**Section 4: Your Style, Your Leadership**
Learn how your personal style extends into your leadership style. We explore how embracing your unique aesthetic can inform your approach to problem-solving, team management, and workplace interactions, ultimately enhancing your effectiveness as a leader.

**Section 5: Building a Wardrobe for Success**
Get practical advice on building a versatile executive wardrobe that supports your professional goals. From power suits to statement accessories, we provide guidance on assembling a wardrobe that speaks to your personal brand and is adaptable to the demands of your role.

**Conclusion: Embrace Your Power**
As a female executive or C-level leader, your personal brand is a formidable asset that can drive your success and influence your organization's culture. By recognizing the power of wardrobe styling, you unlock the potential to become a transformative force in your field. Embrace your unique style, cultivate confidence, and watch as your personal brand becomes a beacon of inspiration and leadership in the workforce.

Are you ready to take your executive presence to the next level? Join us on this journey of self-expression and empowerment through wardrobe styling, and together, we'll redefine what it means to be an influential woman in the corporate world.


Honed in on you and YOUR life.

And DESIGNED  exclusively 

for YOU.


Let me ask you a question. Are you stretching your personal assistant too thin with To Dos on their list that were never a part of their original job description? Are things falling through the cracks?

It's time to add me to your team. Trust me, your personal assistant will thank you, as will you because their sole focus will be on assisting you with your business.

Leave the wardrobe styling needs to an expert.

It's time.

What you can expect.

  • First and foremost, that weight lifted off your shoulders

  • Personal brand discovery, business brand perspective and direction on the visual representation you desire

  • Mood/inspo board with blueprint for your personal style and how you will express it with full alignment of life + brand essence

  • Complete wardrobe assessment and edit of the season we're in (twice if you opt for full year)

  • Consigning/tailor support

  • Virtual shopping for your dream wardrobe

    • A complete list of stores/resources and items with links of exactly what to buy so there's no guessing

    • Live text (or FaceTime) support as you shop in store so you get real-time guidance and answers

  • Styling support for your photo shoot to ensure absolute brand alignment (up to 2 for annual service)

  • Check-ins and support every other week to answer questions, provide styling guidance and plan for upcoming events (emergency fashion support​ as well)

  • Complete beauty guidance and support from skin care and cosmetics products and application to routines for everyday and evenings and/or event​s

  • Ready-to-go outfits from your wardrobe styled with fresh eyes to bring new life (and confidence) to your closet

I sense you are feeling relief right about now. Excellent. That's exactly why this is for you. You will finally have the dream wardrobe based on your lifestyle, 100% confidence that your outfits speak your visual language and represent you and your personal brand, and hands on support as a part of YOUR team so you can conquer the day. Every day.


The choice is yours — 6 months or the entire year (go for the year because you will miss me after 6 months). You work hard and deserve professional assistance. You are absolutely worth the investment.

*Currently scheduling 6 weeks out. Reserve your luxe styling service today to secure your spot on my calendar. Choose either 6 months ($8,000) or yearly ($15,000) option. In reserving your spot, you are only selecting your first session (we will schedule the rest together). If you're local, you can opt for an in person.


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