You long to live fully, freely. To express yourself authentically. So what's stopping you?


There comes a time in everyone's life where self expression from the core screams to become front and center. For you, that time may be right now. 

You may have noticed that there is a lot of talk about personal brand. And for good reason. But I am not talking about building your social networking brand platform here. I am talking about discovering all you were meant for and how that extends into every aspect of your life. 


I designed these workshops for personal growth. To bring you back to real. To have an understanding of your truth. To reveal the you to the world that is truly you. 


Live life well. 

InsideOut Living Retreat

Ahhhh, a weekend of rediscovering you — from the inside out! Check back in for upcoming dates.

​Jamie Banks, Public Relations Manager

Neiman Marcus Charlotte, NC

Catherine spoke at Neiman Marcus in Charlotte to a group of women about InsideOut Living. Her philosophy of how style factors into how you feel, and ultimately how you care for yourself, resonated with the group. People learned how to identify and express their personal style through their clothes and were shown how different items conveyed different things. A great evening of celebrating how we should all embrace what makes us unique and share it with the world.



October 5-7, 2018

A life inspired. Not sure what that looks like? Then this is the perfect place to start. When you are fully committed to discovering who you are, from the inside out, you begin to see life through a new lens. A clearer lens (....maybe even rose colored ). Just as your style is individual, so, too, is your health. How you express yourself to the world starts right here.


I am beyond thrilled to bring my teachings of style + health together into one über fabulous retreat to help you see just how related they are to each other. This is a journey … an exciting one! We know that every body is different. So there is no need to emulate someone else’s style or health habits. Instead, we will focus on what makes you YOU. 


As a wardrobe stylist, I can attest that it's much more than what our eyes see. Our brand portrays who we are, who we want to be and who people perceive us to be. And it's a fact that before we speak others have already decided whether they like and/or trust us based on our visual appearance. Let me be clear, the focus is not material. On the contrary, the focus is inward. Your distinction comes from how you choose to shine out to the world. 


Uncovering someone's personal brand means knowing their truth. Our truth comes from our core, supported by good health (physical, mental, emotional) — the best form of self expression. And that's where personal brand becomes an experience.


You deserve this weekend. It's waiting just for YOU.  Join me!

This series of workshops will have homework assigned two weeks prior to the retreat. Due to the intense curriculum, the retreat will sell out at 10 participants. This journey is in lockstep with the change of seasons, in the majestic mountains of North Carolina.

Weekend Agenda: 



Travel day. Come in early and explore the Blue Ridge Mountains in all its glory! Check-in is at 4pm.



9am Kick Off

  • Identifying Your Personal Style 

  • Wardrobe Basics

  • Building a Wardrobe

  • Trend Breakdown

  • Closet Organization


12:30pm Lunch Served 

2-5pm Blueprinting

  • Inspired Living

  • Style Expression 

  • Your Personal Brand Mark


6pm Champagne toast + free time



9am From the Core

  • Fundamentals of Healthy Living

  • Understanding the Individuality of Health


11am Blueprint for Health

12:00pm Retreat Close

This retreat will sell out fast so hold your spot now! Total cost of $1650 includes accommodations Friday + Saturday nights, breakfast and lunch Saturday, and breakfast Sunday. A deposit of 1/3 is due by June 15. 2nd deposit due by July 15. Balance due by August 31. Receipts will be emailed with each deposit.

As stated so beautifully by Ruth Chou Simons in Gracelaced :

"Leaves turn, and the last of summer's bounty is gathered. Fall finds us grateful, hopeful and wonderfully poured out. Just as fields slow down and quiet themselves, so we embrace Fall's changes, knowing Who supplies all things when the blooming season comes to an end. When one chapter closes and another is still not ours, the beauty we get to experience is seeing how the Father provides in the now and not yet."



About the location:

Nestled on the north shore of beautiful Lake Lure in the foothills of western North Carolina sits an escape, Rumbling Bald Resort. Surrounded by the towering cliffs of Rumbling Bald Mountain, this 3,000+ acre property is home to a private white sand beach, distinct dining experiences and numerous hiking and biking trails, all tailored for relaxation.