It's a matter of being yourself on purpose. 
― G. Bruce Boyer

We were made individual for good reason. And we need to show up daily as an individual. We have the power to choose how we communicate with the world. Let that wash over you for a second.


We. Get. To. Choose.


We can choose to hide. Or, we can choose to stand out as ourselves. Not only is that impactful, it's beautiful. So please, please choose to stand out as yourself.

Grow. Soar. And most importantly, be you!


With complete confidence.



Everyone has their own, personal style. While it may be difficult for you to articulate what that may be, I am here to help. 


This 1:1 style jumpstart is the foundation of discovery — to uncover everything YOU.

In our 40 minutes together, we will hone in on your unique style and the best ways to express it. We’ll discuss your lifestyle and current dress code and identify how it currently relates to your wardrobe and where it may need to go. And the best part — all you need is your phone or computer and yourself! Well, okay I may have you prepare a few things in advance. However, I take the notes and send you a summarized report.


Let's get started.   



Before our time together, I was very discouraged with my wardrobe. But today you managed to make me feel lighter by shedding the clothes that didn’t work and getting me excited about the prospect of turning this aspect of my life around. You have given me a sense that it can actually be done — and it can be fun. It was certainly fun today! So thank you. I look forward to our next style session. It was a pleasure to work with you!


Charlotte, NC

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