Let me guess, you have nothing to wear?

Haven't you put yourself on the back burner long enough? I realize that even the thought of caring for yourself brings on anxiety, as you're used to putting the needs of others first. However, loving and serving means showing yourself that same kind of love. And besides, you can't walk around in your underwear all day.

When you feel beautiful, you feel confident.


That confidence, when harnessed, becomes a state of being. It’s the difference between authentic and incongruent.


Inherently, I knew from a young age that my purpose was to help others onto a path of enlightenment and freedom by providing them the tools and knowledge to speak their own visual language through personal style. With over 22 years of experience in styling, I have been blessed to show others just how beautiful they are. 

And you are beautiful — but you need to get dressed.

With a background in corporate branding, my knowledge translates into real world experience. Bringing a unique brand of skill, aptitude and intuitiveness, I work with clients across the globe to create signature looks. Dubbed the wardrobe whisperer, I will help you design the relationship you've always wanted with your wardrobe. The first and only in the industry, I teach an inside out approach to the personal brand so you can feel as amazing as you look.


Do you stand in your closet, for longer than you’d like to admit, perplexed and overwhelmed by its contents? Are you confused about which garments work best for you? Stop the madness and get help.

I liken a closet cleanse to a good spring cleaning — an absolute necessity!


I've seen a lot of closets in my day, and I can attest that it’s not only healthy for the body and spirit, but also the wallet. Research tells us that the average woman spends approximately $3000 each year on her wardrobe, yet doesn’t wear 30% of it. Blasphemy! 


Today is the day you say ‘no more’ to unwise shopping decisions and declare a truce with your closet.


During your closet cleanse, we will go through every piece of your wardrobe and determine where it belongs — in the closet, to be altered, or off to consignment or goodwill. You will learn what styles and cuts look best on you based on your body shape. And while the purge is going on, your closet will be organized for easier dressing. It’s time to be honest. And sometimes that means less is more. 


Remember, it’s not about the quantity in your closet. It’s about having well-chosen pieces that you love and respect, and serve you well.





Want to know just how much mileage you can get out of your existing wardrobe? Then this is the perfect style session for you. A pair of fresh eyes lends creativity. I will shop your existing wardrobe and put together current and exciting outfits based on your personal style. By taking your core pieces, we’ll mix and match multiple combinations for complete looks, increasing your wardrobe’s efficiency. My clients will tell you, I can whip outfits together all day long, everyday. Boundless energy when it comes to the challenge of one’s closet.


You will receive all photos of the outfits we put together to keep you organized and motivated. In addition, you will receive a list of any potential gaps in your wardrobe, preventing you from the fulfilled wardrobe you desire.




Sometimes, your style personality dictates that your wardrobe take on a fresh new look. Perhaps you just landed that promotion at work. Or, you are transitioning from stay-at-home mom or dad to working mom or dad or vice versa. Whatever your circumstances, determining what to buy and where to buy it can be a bit daunting. Let's take the guesswork out of the equation and help to make the metamorphosis a smooth and completely manageable one.


Updating your wardrobe is a journey ... a fun and exciting one. We will begin by taking inventory of your existing wardrobe, identifying the key pieces that will transition with you. We make a list of the items needed to bridge the gap, as well as a progressive list that will serve you for years to come. Then, we shop.


Because this is a new phase in your life, a quarterly check-up is highly recommended.








The upcoming season is upon us and you’re still bewildered by the season we’re currently in. You dread the thought of getting dressed in the mornings. Uninspired. Unmotivated. So, you do what you always do ... you reach for your ‘uniform’. I can hear your scream for help from here.


Busy men and women deserve wardrobe planning services. Whether it be monthly, quarterly or transitionally (in between seasons), I will help answer your fashion emergencies.


During our planning sessions, we’ll ascertain your core wardrobe pieces and ensure there are numerous outfit pairings for each. We’ll make a list of those needed items and plan a shopping trip in order to complete your seasonal wardrobe. The best part of all ... we’ll put together two weeks’ worth of outfits for you at the beginning of each season to get your creative juices flowing.


You’re smiling. You feel understood. And now, you have help.





How many mistakes do you have hanging in your closet? Some may still have the price tags on them. When you shop with me (or even virtually as image depicts), you will never make those mistakes again.


Whether you have a few important items on your list or an entire wardrobe to conquer, I will provide a great shopping experience, sans stress. In our first shopping trip together, you will learn about style, cut and, the ever important, fit. Only items that suit your style, body shape and coloring make it to the cash register. We select the most appropriate places to shop together, based on your budget.


Also available for those busy men and women (or for those who are allergic to malls), personal shopping delivered right to your door. I tackle your shopping list and bring wardrobe options to you to try on in the privacy of your own home. Shopping made easy.


Whether we shop together or I go it alone on your behalf, you will begin to understand what items are ‘dressing room worthy’ and why. Shopping with me will forever change the way you view a department floor.




You are scheduled to leave town for a business trip. Your week is crammed with meetings. You cannot focus on what’s for dinner, let alone packing for your trip. Relax. That’s what I'm here for.


Business or pleasure, leave the packing to me. I will help plan and pack your entire wardrobe, taking you from day-to-night without a worry in the world. My business clientele will attest that everything is well thought out, from that big client meeting and company strategy session, to business dinners, events and those casual moments of down time (if any). Wardrobe, accessories and toiletries are planned according to destination.


My leisure travel clientele enjoy the excitement of leaving for a fun-filled trip without the headache of preparing for it. Keeping climate in mind (weather always checked and printed out), you will find your travel attire laid out for you with notes, in addition to your suitcase packed and ready to go. And of course, your accessories and toiletries are planned according to your destination. All you have to do is open your suitcase to find the greatest outfits pulled together from your own closet with a list of how to wear them.


I hear that sigh of contentment. Let’s get you ready for that upcoming trip.


*Currently scheduling 2.5 weeks out. Secure your style session by booking today!

You have had such an impact on me — how I feel, embrace my style, declutter, mindful about how I shop. It really has changed my life and I say that with all sincerity. My stress is gone. I don’t have clutter and stuff I don’t need, just what I want and love. I don’t buy stuff just to buy it. I buy things that have meaning or that are unique if I’m going to invest. Thank you!


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