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― Oscar Wilde

You long to live fully. Freely. To step into your most confident self.

So what's stopping you?

There comes a time in everyone's life where self expression from the core screams to become front and center. For you, that time may be right now. 

You may have noticed that there's a lot of talk about personal brand. And for good reason. But I'm not talking about building your social networking brand platform here. I'm talking about discovering all you were meant for and how that extends into every aspect of your life. 

I designed these workshops for personal growth. To bring you back to real. To have an understanding of your truth.

To reveal the you to the world that is truly you.

Live. Life. Fully.

GIRLS night out

Fall/Winter 2023


HOW TO curate your wardrobe based on your personal style.

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An oldy but a goody. Always relevant, this workshop will change the way you think of your wardrobe and how you shop.