Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

― Oscar Wilde

You long to live fully, freely. To express yourself authentically.

So what's stopping you?

There comes a time in everyone's life where self expression from the core screams to become front and center. For you, that time may be right now. 

STYLE strategy 

You may have noticed that there's a lot of talk about personal brand. And for good reason. But I'm not talking about building your social networking brand platform here. I'm talking about discovering all you were meant for and how that extends into every aspect of your life. 

I designed these workshops for personal growth. To bring you back to real. To have an understanding of your truth.

To reveal the you to the world that is truly you.

Live. Life. Fully.

GIRLS night out

 style workshops

HOLIDAY Girls Night Out

Thursday, Dec 2 at 7pm EST on zoom

Get ready, cuz here we come! This GNO is all about gaining inspiration for the holidays. It's time to get out of the rut and get dressed! Let's have fun with this.

I will show you creative ways to look at your closet to put fun and festive outfits together. And bonus, after GNO, grab your glass of wine because those who wish to hang out on zoom, I want you to bring any item from your closet that you want to create an outfit around. And we will do just that.

This will be recored for those who cannot attend live.

GIRLS night in 

 at home styling

Sometimes, you just want to hang at home with your girls. And now you can, in style! From the comfort of your own home, I bring a hands-on wardrobe styling experience to you and your friends. In our time together, I will show you (1) how to organize your closet, taking it from overwhelming to inspiring; (2) how to interpret trends to fit your individual style; (3) how to dress from a place of motivation; (4) how to save money when shopping; and (5) what to do with that item you bought that has been screaming at you since the day you brought it home (what I call "what do I do with this?").


Girls, let's go!

PREVIOUS recordings

All About Fall 2021

It's that time again, my favorite time of the year — fall!


If you are like me, you are eager to learn what the season has in store. And how to translate the trends based on your personal style. What to take seriously and get excited about and what to ditch completely. Sign up for this workshop now now and save your spot!

The Well Prepared Closet.


Let me ask you something. Do you often say "I have nothing to wear" when it comes to upcoming gatherings and events? And then, do you find yourself in a tizzy trying to order online or get yourself to the mall?


No more, ladies. This recorded workshop is for you.


You will learn how to equip your closet to support you in all of your life events. I will teach you how to prepare for just about anything from casual to formal. This is one you won't want to miss!

How to Curate Your Wardrobe Based on Your Personal Style.

This GNO was all about style education. This was prompted by a friend of mine during an in-person how-to-pack workshop when she said "well it all works brilliantly because it's your wardrobe."  Guess what? It has nothing to with me and everything to do with curation. So I can show you how to curate your wardrobe based on your personal style. Simply buy recording and off you go!


join us.

I hope to see you at an upcoming workshop— or in your family room at a Girls Night In!

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