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what's your

 super power?

I was having lunch with my friend, Liz, one day and she said I was like an ember, igniting a fire within others, lifting them up and inspiring them to live life fully. The significance flooded my whole body with chills.


'An ember can exist within, remain after or sometimes precede a fire. It can be as hot as the fire that created it. An ember radiates a substantial amount of heat long after the fire has been extinguished.’ 

I love that. I receive it. I own it.

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styling vs style coaching

Wardrobe styling and style coaching are different, yet both hold equal value. They work together in harmony. Without the coaching aspect, you will find it difficult to understand your motives behind what you put on your body. You will reach for that confidence you desire, but find it hard to hold onto.


The foundation of my work starts in coaching —  the past, present and future you. It all plays a role. And it extends into every aspect of your life. 

I live to bring beauty, truth and meaning to life. I love through my gifts of creativity, insight and honesty. And I lead to inspire women to live in freedom with a foundation of self-love and self-worth. 

So, what makes you YOU?

While that might sound like a loaded question, it's the driving factor that leads to goodness. It's what I love about my job — helping you uncover all things you


And you are beautiful.

Image by Olena Bohovyk

redefining style on your terms.


I am an overcomer. And you are, too.


Like you, I've had many obstacles in my life. Struggles I've had to conquer, and quite frankly, am still conquering. These challenges have taught me a lot about resilience, persistence and conviction. But more importantly, what grew out of it all was an innate desire to show others just how beautiful they are — AS THEY ARE.

What you know.

My love affair with everything stylish began 26 years ago, styling clients with essentials in fashion, beauty and skin care. My passion for helping women identify and confidently express their individual style quickly turned into a mission. And that mission led to a full-time business 16 years ago.

I was fortunate early in my career to write for popular magazines and blogs, and style photo shoots for companies and magazines, including People. I have been featured on Charlotte Today, WBTV Morning ShowFox News Rising and The Cooper Lawrence Show.

What you don't know.

I'm an animal empath. When I think about it, it makes so much sense. An animal’s love is the closest thing to agape love we’ll ever experience this side of heaven. This pull I have with animals is natural and easy.


To give and receive unconditional love in an instant with no need to earn it isn’t human, it’s supernatural. So of course I want to be as close to that as possible. And side note, I come up with the cutest (individual, of course) voices for each animal I encounter. I often thought about what a great show Bo and Roo would make with my voice behind it ;) 

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