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ELEVATE your personal brand through EXPERT wardrobe styling.


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I know I'm biased, but I believe it starts in your closet. A beautiful space to walk into (or open up). Clothes that support you and your lifestyle and allow you to communicate to the world in your own unique way. A wardrobe you love ... and that loves you back.

Once you're in the zone, that liberating self expression helps you take flight. I've seen it hundreds of times. Are you ready to embrace and release your most confident self? Because if you are, you will experience life with renewed vigor.​ And it feels amazing.

You are a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

Our world tries to dictate who we should be, how we should behave and how we should look. When we stop trying to conform to others' expectations, we liberate ourselves from the burden of pretense. And guess what? The happiness that comes from being true to ourselves radiates from within and inspires others to do the same.


Each one of us is like a canvas, a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Our personalities, passions and dreams shape the colors of this canvas. Embracing our true selves means discovering these colors, blending them harmoniously and proudly showcasing the masterpiece that we are. It's about understanding our strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging our quirks and being unapologetically ok with every aspect of who we are.

And when we dare to express who we truly are, we attract like-minded souls who appreciate us for who we are, not who we pretend to be. 

So how does style fit into all of this?


Style is the language through which we communicate our identities to the world without saying a word. It goes beyond fashion trends; it's about how we carry ourselves, the way we speak, the activities we engage in and the causes we support. Style is an expression of our true selves, and it has the power to inspire, influence and create a positive impact.

ba - bam!


When we express ourselves in style, we showcase our confidence and self-assurance. It's a testament to the fact that we are comfortable in our own skin and proud of the person we've become. Style becomes a reflection of our inner journey and it influences the way others perceive us.

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C-level and
Executive Styling

TISHA | State College, PA

So I've tried StichFix and Nordstrom personal shopping a couple of times now and hands down my best outfits and favorite items come from collaborating with you. You get me. You challenge me. You make sense. You are in high demand for a reason.

ERICA | Charlotte, NC

You've helped me find this funky, feminine style that I love and I'm so appreciative. You've given me the motivation and confidence to put together outfits I've always liked, yet thought I couldn't pull off. I cannot thank you enough and I love that you educate to enable. Life changing!


Thanks again for delivering so much wisdom and tutelage during your time with my girlfriend. She's over the moon with excitement about her newfound style, and can't stop raving about how great the experience was. Nice work!

YOUR personal expression is a LANGUAGE — a VISUAL language that doesn't need words. It's powerful ALL ON ITS OWN.

WARDROBE STYLIST / style coach / professional branding expert CONFIDENCE COACH professional wardrobe consultant STYLING ADVICE  

know what  to wear

Catherine Horgan | Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Brand Expert, Personal Stylist and Style Coach in North Carolina

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