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Welcome! I'm glad you're here. 

You're here at this very moment for a reason. While you're eager to learn and grow, you seek clarity above all else. Sure, you need wardrobe help — I sense you're overwhelmed. However, you are ready to dig deeper. You're ready to drop who you were trying to be in order to embrace the YOU you want to be. The one that's already in there, waiting to come out. There's so much power and freedom in the process. Just you wait and see.

Let's connect. I so look forward to meeting you.

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TISHA | State College, PA

So I've tried StichFix and Nordstrom personal shopping a couple of times now and hands down my best outfits and favorite items come from collaborating with you. You get me. You challenge me. You make sense. You are in high demand for a reason.

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ERICA | Charlotte, NC

You've helped me find this funky, feminine style that I love and I'm so appreciative. You've given me the motivation and confidence to put together outfits I've always liked, yet thought I couldn't pull off. I cannot thank you enough and I love that you educate to enable. Life changing!

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Thanks again for delivering so much wisdom and tutelage during your time with my girlfriend. She's over the moon with excitement about her newfound style, and can't stop raving about how great the experience was. Nice work!

PROFESSIONAL wardrobe consultant

STYLING advice

Your personal expression is a language — a visual language

that doesn’t need words. It’s powerful all on its own.

Catherine Horgan | Wardrobe and Personal Stylist in North Carolina