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Walter Landor

your personal brand.  extended.

Personal branding is vital for everyone. It allows us to take control of our narrative, build trust and credibility, and pursue our goals with confidence. It's a tool that empowers us to stand out in a crowded world, make meaningful connections and leave a positive and lasting impression on others. So, regardless of who we are or what we do, investing in our personal brand is an investment in our future success and fulfillment.


Branding has forever been embedded in me. For years I worked in the corporate world aligning companies to their customers by means of authentic connection, beginning in 1992. That laid the foundation for what came next — 1:1 branding. The personal brand. People.

And it truly is personal.


With a background in corporate branding, my knowledge translates into real world experience. It's that unique brand of skill, aptitude and intuitiveness that allows me to help my aspiring stylist students connect to who they are, how they communicate with their audience and how they want to run their businesses.

Woven into me, branding is not only my background, but what I do one-on-one every single day styling my clients and training my stylist students. My process is truly unique and will leave its mark on you for years to come.

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Working closely with entrepreneurs to align their personal brand with their business, we create a strong brand direction to effectively communicate their value proposition. Personal branding focuses on establishing and promoting an individual's professional identity and expertise. And it can be a powerful strategy — especially if you are looking to grow your career. Your personal brand can add value to your business by establishing trust, credibility and a sense of connection with your target audience.

While the thought of being vulnerable may scare you, it's what it takes to connect with your audience. We must get comfortable in discomfort. It's what ignites the confidence within us. Unbridled self expression comes from identifying and understanding personal brand. It's at the very core. It's our truth.

Take control of your narrative.

YOU are a walking BILLBOARD.

personal brand



brand coaching

An hour of brand consulting that will leave you on fire for your business. We will brainstorm to gain insights, align perspectives and develop a shared understanding of the brand's essence and direction. Get ready to be inspired.

brand workshop

Stand out from the crowd and learn the art of personal branding. Define your core values, create a compelling brand story and effectively communicate your expertise to leave a lasting impact on your audience. This 2-hour workshop will get you dreaming as you plan with intention. We will tap into your ideal client and niche audience.

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personal brand

identity kit

Meticulously crafted and tailored for executives navigating the competitive landscape of the workplace. This 60 page personal brand identity kit serves as a strategic asset and is designed to elevate your professional presence in order to command attention. This is where your unique essence meets unparalleled sophistication.

Feeling disconnected? A lack of clarity can lead to missed opportunities, leaving you feeling unseen and undervalued. The Personal Brand Identity Kit helps you empower and shape your narrative and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Working closely with entrepreneurs to align their personal brand with their business, we create a strong brand direction to effectively communicate their value proposition.






LEGACY BUILDING / thought leadership / CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM / first impressions matter / ADAPTABILITY

Catherine Horgan | Personal Brand Consulting, Personal Branding, Brand Coaching in Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina

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