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Walter Landor

YOUR personal brand. Extended.

While the thought of being vulnerable may scare you, it's brave and real and it's what it takes to connect with your audience. We must get comfortable in discomfort. It's what ignites the confidence within us. Unbridled self expression comes from identifying and understanding personal brand. It's at the very core. It's our truth.

Branding has forever been embedded in me. For years I worked in the corporate world aligning companies to their customers by means of authentic connection, beginning in 1992. That laid the foundation for what came next — 1:1 branding. The personal brand. People.

And it truly is personal.

With a background in corporate branding, my knowledge translates into real world experience. It's that unique brand of skill, aptitude and intuitiveness that allows me to help my stylist program students connect to who they are, how they communicate with their audience and how they want to run their business.

Woven into me, branding is not only my background, but what I do one-on-one every single day styling my clients and training my stylist students. My process is truly unique and will leave its mark on you for years to come, as it should!


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Brand Coaching

An hour of brand consulting that will leave you on fire for your brand. Direction, ideas and inspiration.

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Brand Workshop

This 2-hour workshop will get you dreaming as you plan with intention. We will tap into your ideal client and niche audience.


Let's face it, you spent a lot of time and money on your company's brand.

You understand the importance of that brand resonating with your ideal customer. Yet, your story is not always conveyed to your employees.

Employee Handbooks and Programs


Your company brand should be reflected in the employee experience as much as in how your employees represent you.


Complete the circle. Ensure your employee handbook aligns with your company brand and is spoken all the way down to attire in the workplace and a healthy environment.

  • Dress Code Best Practices

  • Company-specific Expression of Style

  • Health + Wellness Best Practices

  • Health + Wellness Programs

  • Self Expression of Style in the Workplace Workshops

  • Health + Wellness Kick-off Meeting

  • Health + Wellness Workshops

COMPANY POLICY HANDBOOK / company initiatives / company brand policy & initiatives / your personal brand 

how this helps

Donna Chamberlain, National Practice Leader | BDO

At BDO we believe in investing in our people beyond just a business knowledge standpoint. We want to support self growth and encourage a wholistic approach to building a meaningful career at BDO.

Inviting Catherine to speak to our men and women about expressing their personal style in the marketplace was the perfect extension of that approach, and fit right in to this quarter's theme of promoting self-confidence. She was engaging and truly understood how to mix personal style with self expression while still maintaining professionalism in the industry.


Our team found her to be easy to talk to and left with easy tips to being our best most confident selves!

David Harker | Harker

We are fortunate to embrace what we consider a healthy environment for our team. However, when it came down to the communication of health and wellness at Harker, we lacked documentation. Catherine worked with us to create an office appropriate approach to health and wellness, based on our core values. She wrote the initiative into our Employee Handbook and even came into the office to kick off the initiative over lunch, in which she helped us choose healthy options (and educated us on them, too). With Catherine's help, our team understands a whole new level of caring that extends beyond our pours over into their homes and their communities.

Kelly | San Daniele

I can’t begin to express how helpful Catherine has been in creating our workplace attire and health/wellness sections of our employee handbook. We are a small start-up and she walked through what needed to be included, as well as finessed the verbiage to reflect our company and personality. She was always available and helpful. I highly recommend her.

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