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First published May 18, 2017

These may not be my legs this summer. However, next year, watch out!

My timing couldn't be worse. Yet, I am thrilled to finally approach vein health the right way. As the next step in my journey to rid of my unsightly spider veins and treat the underlying, and at times painful, cause, I received EVLT (endovenous laser treatment) a few weeks ago.

Impressed doesn't begin to describe how I feel about Dr. Wang and his phenomenal team at Charlotte Radiology Vein Centers. The procedure itself was a breeze. And quite fascinating! Honestly, the most difficult part was in the planning — lining up a driver and getting my mind wrapped around the 'no workouts for two weeks' rule.

I find it's better not knowing what you're in for. As if you're just along for the ride. Somehow this is calming to me. Prior to the procedure, I opted for no sedation, as I didn't want to be down for the day. The team prepped me, which is quite the set up, and probably takes longer than the actual procedure. I received a stress ball (I will have you know I didn't squeeze it once) and I got to pick the music in the room. I was shocked to learn that I was the first patient to pick Christian music. The best part, everyone was singing along (warmed my heart). Side note: it's nearly impossible to sing laying down.

Dr. Wang started the procedure by numbing the injection site (inside knee). A catheter was inserted in and up the vein. I was then injected with Lidocaine along the vein from the injection site to the groin area. A thin laser was inserted into the catheter and pulled down the saphenous vein to the injection site, which took about 3 minutes. I did not anticipate the burning smell. I liken it to the smell of shaving off part of a tooth during dental work. Yikers! And they have to smell that everyday.

With all that said, no pain. And the fun that was had in the room! We talked and laughed the entire time. It made me want to join their team! It was awesome. Their level of knowledge goes beyond expectation, and they are so compassionate and nurturing.

It wasn't until a week later that I experienced any pain, which is normal. And I had the expected bruises from the injection site up to the groin area. I have to admit, I totally thought I would sneak in a Pure Barre workout by the end of week one. However, I didn't even want to attempt it. I walked a ton every day instead. Once I was cleared, I resumed my workout regimen, with the exception of running (I will slowly add that back in as I get through my sclerotherapy sessions).

If you have vein issues or have been contemplating EVLT, put your trust in Charlotte Radiology Vein Centers. Consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Wang to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

In the meantime, stay tuned for my upcoming articles on sclerotherapy.


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