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Last Wednesday night I had the opportunity to meet the amazing people behind the event, Fashion Breathes Life, in support of our local Cystic Fibrosis chapter. What an honor to hear Megan Kinney, a 25 year old with CF, speak on the little miracles that can happen along the way when we support research and development. She happens to be thriving due to one particular drug that has made a difference in her life. This brought it home for me — this is why we support foundations that work for a cure. Anything is possible!

Though there isn't a cure as of yet, I believe that with continued support there absolutely can be. Will you please help me raise money for Cystic Fibrosis R&D?

I have been asked to walk the runway for the Fashion Breathes Life event on 3/31. I am charged with raising $5000. While I'm nervous about walking the runway, I'm more nervous about being a good steward in the fundraising process. I'm inching closer, though, and I know I can meet my goal with your help. (P.S. How amazing is it that Megan will be walking the runway, too!)

My whole-hearted thank you in advance for your donation:


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