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When you smell a beautiful rose in bloom, it takes you back. For me, I go back to my preschool/Kindergarten years when we used to visit Mr. Clark. I have no idea how my mom met Mr. Clark, but he certainly knew a thing or two about caring for rose bushes (perhaps he worked at the local nursery). My mom would tote my sisters and I to his house quite a bit to get tutorials. Mr. Clark was in his 80s, was hard of hearing and had a small white poodle that adored him (and us). My sisters and I loved going to his house. He always had m&ms out for us, too. And coming from a loud family, speaking extra loud when conversing with Mr. Clark came naturally.

To my sheer delight, the actual smell of roses has been captured in a bottle! Now I admit, I haven't always been a sucker for rose scented things. I believe it's because it just wasn't done right. I am here to tell you, these two brands know how to do roses!

I discovered Heretic Dirty Rose a year ago. It's a beautiful, easy scent to wear — and one that can be layered. Rose de mai and damask rose absolutes are juxtaposed with citrusy bergamot, spicy pink pepper and juicy apricot notes. Delectable!

And as of last week, a good friend of mine showered me with Archipelago Charcoal Rose bath gel, body lotion and hand creme. Holy smokes the scent is spot on! It's perfectly paired with Dirty Rose, too. Truly, I feel like I have run through a rose garden all day long when I wear this.

There aren't many scents on the market that get it right — but these two, yes!


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