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FASHION BRANDING: What Is It and Why You Should Care

So you probably found my blog because we share a few things in common: fashion and business. If that’s true, you’re going to want to keep reading as we’re going to cover 4 important fashion branding topics:

1. Fashion Branding: What is it, Why Does it Matter?

2. Branding in the Fashion Industry

3. Fashion Branding Strategies

4. Getting Started: How to Create Your Fashion Brand Portfolio

Fashion Branding: What is it, Why Does it Matter?

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.” ― Walter Landor

Fashion branding is exactly what it sounds like! Marrying both a visual identity and business identity to create a brand that is uniquely YOU.

But what is fashion brand management? Fashion brand management is the process of managing how your brand is perceived by current customers and new customers alike.

But why does this matter? The brand that you create is the first impression someone will have, so it’s crucial to articulate visually and verbally who you are and why you are different from other brand names.

Branding in Fashion Industry | Fun Facts About Fashion Brands

The process of creating a fashion brand identity can feel overwhelming. Where and how do I start? This is where a fashion branding consultant is key, as he/she can create a visual identity that is truly representative of your company.

While the thought of being vulnerable may scare you, it's what it takes to authentically connect with your audience.

Whether you have a management team, work with influencers on social media or are steering the ship by yourself, it’s important to show your audience what you stand for. Provide interesting facts, increase customer engagement and connect on platforms. This is how to create an authentic and trustworthy fashion brand.

Let’s look at some fashion brand identity examples to get the creative juices flowing:


Glossier has created a cult following from their fashion brand identity. It boasts minimalism yet thoughtfulness, visually, as well has through their product line. They use unique logos and a striking soft pink color throughout all their products, creating consistency and visual intrigue.


A company outside of the fashion industry that is an excellent example of effective brand identity is Coca-Cola. They have created a direct association between Coca-Cola and their iconic red color.

One cannot help but think Coca-Cola when they see that iconic Coca-Cola red color!

They haven’t stopped solely at their visual branding either, they develop seasonal campaigns, holiday campaigns, sports campaigns & more. This is all part of creating an effective brand identity that reaches a large variety of potential clients/customers!

Fashion Branding Strategies

There are several things to consider before moving forward with a fashion brand and all that it entails. We have established that meeting with a consultant is key, but what else?

Creating a fashion brand statement is essential. Think of this as a personal mission statement, as it identifies your brand’s purpose. It explains how you aim to pursue that purpose, and why it matters so much to you.

Once you have outlined a fashion branding personal statement, research some fashion branding agencies.

Connect with an agency that you personally feel can identify with your fashion brand statement. Then, collaborate to develop a fashion marketing strategy to get the ball rolling with your fashion brand.

Getting Started: How to Create Your Fashion Brand Portfolio

Now that we have gone over the basics and in’s and out’s of fashion branding, what are the next steps?

Creating a fashion brand portfolio/fashion design portfolio. This is a visual tool that will help you to quickly and effectively communicate your fashion brand, logo design and fashion products.

Follow this link for some of the best fashion brand portfolio examples of 2022!


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