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I love to repurpose items. I've done it for years. I am not one to waste. So when I get a new facial serum, yet haven't quite finished my existing one, I take the old one and use it on my hands. Every body part wins! I also take older kaftans and move them into my pajama drawer. They make beautiful nightgowns. Oh, and speaking of nightgowns, I take beautiful bras that don't make the cut for my day-to-day life and they become sleeping bras (yes, there is such a thing).

Sometimes, what you already have just needs a new vision. Enter: my friend Allyson. She turned me onto the jewelry designer Elizabeth Martin years ago. In fact, my first two pieces were from her (and the football team, back in my football team mom days). I love them so! However, like most bead bracelets, they began to stretch out and I stopped wearing them. Thanks to her brilliant suggestion of having them restrung, I did just that other day ... and guess who's back to wearing her EM bead bracelets? Yes!

It feels good to breathe new life into items that you love that just aren't getting the attention they deserve. Maybe it's time to go through a few of your things and find a fresh lens of love?


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