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While I have wanted to dive into a meditation practice for years, I only started to focus on that goal last summer. However, I have not been very successful. It is really hard for me to quiet my mind. You may be able to relate.

I downloaded some apps to help guide meditation, which were great (Breethe, Insight Timer, Calm). Although, I mostly tried this at night and I have to admit, I would fall asleep. This lenten season, I am taking a meditation vow. And not a guided meditation ... complete and utter silence kind of practice. Yikers! Does it make me a little anxious — yes. Do I think I will gain in a big way from it — 100%.

Research in the field of psychology has confirmed that meditation is good for body and soul. Science is now able to reinforce the claims by showing how meditation physically impacts the brain. Meditation nurtures the parts of the brain that contribute to well-being. Furthermore, it seems that a regular practice deprives the stress and anxiety-related parts of the brain of their nourishment.*

Going in to my newly revived meditation practice I know I will fail initially. I also know, practice makes perfect. I have no expectations except for the fact that I know I am doing something healthy for myself, my brain and my spirit. 20 minutes a day to start. Then working up to 20 minutes twice a day.

If nothing else, I will be blessed with a 20 minute break from the world to connect with something much greater than I.



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