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I have been using the same self tanners for years. With much success. However, I felt that I could do better. Technology changes every year, after all. And I wanted to try something new. Boy am I glad I gave this one a test drive!

Miami Gorgeous is just that, a gorgeous Miami bronze tan. I am in love with the rich, yet realistic, color. The application process is super easy, as well. I use nitrile gloves because tanning mitts are always too big for my hands. These work perfectly with the mousse formula. I always rub moisturizer on the dry areas first (elbows, knees, ankles). It takes 6-8 hours to process, so I tend to sleep in it and wash it off the next day. The smell isn't bad — just like most self tanners but somehow this one isn't as offensive. On days when I need a quick on-the-go application, I am always shocked at how fast it dries and that no visible streak marks are left behind.

Best yet, Miami Gorgeous is quite affordable. You can even find it on Amazon. This is one self tanner I am stocking up on, now that I can wear shorts and bare my legs, thanks to my vein treatments last summer. Woohoo!


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