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I love food-grade ingredients in skin care. And when my skin loves them back, it's a win-win!

I discovered LOLI this summer and have been impressed with everything I have purchased. However, I have to take a minute to rave about my absolute favorite product in the line — Plum Elixir. The hero ingredient, plum seed oil, is freshly cold pressed in the south of France. It is touted to be better than argan oil and more powerful than marula oil. LOLI blends it with healing seabuckthorn fruit (which I love), brightening pomegranate seed and soothing tea seed oils. I use it morning and night, pressed into damp skin. You can splash toner, essence or just water to dampen skin, then press and watch your skin plump and glow!

Says LOLI,

Mother Nature did a bit of showing off when she invented the plum seed. She packed each with an extraordinary mix of nourishing nutrients—vitamins A, C and E, plus sky-high levels of essential fatty acids—making plum seed oil a natural skin protector against damaging free radicals. We source ours from Gascony, France and enhance it with seabuckthorn fruit oil to heal, pomegranate seed oil to brighten and tea seed oil to calm and balance skin. We call this delectable food-grade blend Plum Elixir, a supercharged rejuvenator for celestial, glowing skin and shiny hair. Bonus: the 100% natural aroma—a dreamy mix of sun-warmed honey and almonds—is truly heaven-scent.

It truly does smells divine! This is one serum that will soon become a staple in your skin care regimen.


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