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Skin is our body's largest and fastest growing organ. It often changes its mood and its needs throughout life. In fact, our bodies are always aiming for balance, so it's no surprise our skin goes along for the ride.

I have always been fascinated by the science of skin. I tend to be over prepared (or perhaps over obsessed) when I visit my dermatologist and esthetician. As I age, I notice more. And what I am noticing now is that my skin can perform beautifully one day and the next look completely wiped out. There are many factors that play a role in how my skin behaves — the food I eat, the vitamins/supplements I take and the skin care products I use, just to name a few.

While I switched to clean and natural skin care products years ago, I have come to realize that not all products are created equal. And just because they are natural doesn't mean they don't contain an active ingredient that can produce a reaction. My esthetician reminds me quite often that my skin can only tolerate so much. And what my skin craves right now is calming and nourishing ingredients. As it turns out, when I follow her advice, I achieve my end goal: healthy, glowing skin.

Before you visit your dermatologist (I recommend at least once a year for a whole body scan), be ready to share as much information about your skin as possible. 

  • What is your skin like in the afternoon? Dry, oily, or in between?

  • Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? 

  • Are you concerned about wrinkles?

  • Are you stressed out?

  • What does your diet look like?

  • Is your skin sensitive?

  • Is your skin prone to breakouts?

  • What is your current skin care regimen?

  • What is your main skin concern?

The more information you share with your dermatologist and esthetician, the better the guidance, and the more likely you are to feel great in your skin!


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