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Call me obsessed, but I think I may be in love with everything Jennifer Zeuner.

In addition to the expansive heart design line for Valentine's Day, Jennifer Zeuner knows exactly what we want, when we want it. She has a great eye for simple, beautiful detail.

Jennifer's jewelry reflects her own personal style — uncomplicated with a spiritual twist. All her pieces are easy to layer, too, from necklaces to bracelets to rings. And you can find them in rose gold vermeil, yellow gold vermeil and sterling silver with select pieces available in 14K gold, 14K rose gold and 14K white gold. There is definitely something for everyone.

While I've got my eye on several little lovelies, patience must not escape me, for most of them are currently out of stock. I want what I want, so I will wait. Until then, I just may add the dixie bracelet. I am a sucker for anything that ties around my wrist!


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