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Of all the Bible studies I have taken part in over the years, Shaken was not one I thought I would write home about (and especially my first blog post under the Faith category). Once I got past the writing style, and a few of the usual things that bug me about book + video studies, I realized this was a great core study.

Tim Tebow has a way of asking really deep questions in such a simple way. Before I knew it, I was swept away in tears. I have to admit, that surprised me. Tim has a way of putting life into perspective.

I bought this book for my son two years ago. He never read it. And yes, it made me sad. However, I am glad I read it first. There are great messages in the book. I suspect the biggest take away for my son (when he eventually reads the book) will be identity. See, my son is an athlete, and in a few short months, he will be off to college to play lacrosse. I remind him often: he may play lacrosse but that isn’t who he is. He was made for so much more. And I am excited to watch him grow into that power.

For me, the biggest take away was legacy. It's important for me to leave behind what matters most — my faith. I keep a book of my handwritten prayers in the kitchen for any one of my family members to access at any time. When my daughter first stumbled upon it, she was really excited. She actually said, "Awww, mom I love this. Can I have it when you die?" Okay, not the first thing you want to think about, but it's exactly what I want my legacy to be. One of faith and inspiration.

Excerpt: Who we are has to be bigger than what we do. Who we are has to be bigger than what we own, what we look like, those we know, or where we live. Who we are has to transcend the temporal. It has to carry a purpose that echoes through eternity.

I mean, whoa. That is for reals.


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