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One of life's simple pleasures. Walking your dog (or your neighbor's dog) is a time to bond with your furry friend, get some fresh air and meet other dog lovers in the neighborhood. Any chance to be in nature and I'm in, even in this dreadful heat.

I'm curious, are you intentional about what you wear to walk your dog? While it may have never crossed your mind, it crosses mine daily. Living in a condo, walking is an every-scenario situation — there's no yard to let Bo out in. While I don't enjoy changing in and out of clothes, I do have a dog walking uniform to keep my daily outfit clean and tidy.

Your outfit choices may reflect aspects of your personality, lifestyle and priorities, whether you're dressed in jeans and a button-down, athletic wear, a flowy dress or cute shorts and a top. Shall we explore what your dog walking clothes say about you?

Dog walking in a dress and hat

Scenario 1: Jeans and a Button-Down

Classic Comfort

If your go-to dog walking outfit is a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, you strike a balance between comfort and style. This choice suggests that you value practicality but also like to maintain a put-together appearance. You're likely someone who appreciates classic, timeless pieces that can transition from a walk in the park to a casual coffee date.

Personality Insights:

  • Down-to-Earth: You have a no-fuss attitude and prefer clothes that are easy to wear and versatile.

  • Approachable: Your look is relaxed and friendly, making you seem approachable to other dog owners.

  • Reliable: Just like your trusty jeans, you're someone people can count on. You value quality and consistency.

Scenario 2: Athletic Wear

Active and On-the-Go

Leggings or joggers, a breathable tank top and running shoes? This outfit choice highlights your active lifestyle and your love for being on the move. Whether you're planning a jog with your dog or heading to a fitness class afterward, athletic wear shows that you're always ready for action.

Personality Insights:

  • Energetic: Your wardrobe reflects your high energy levels and love for staying fit.

  • Goal-Oriented: You likely have a routine and set goals for both yourself and your fitness journey.

  • Health-Conscious: Prioritizing comfort and functionality, you make choices that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Scenario 3: Flowy Dress

Effortlessly Chic

Choosing a flowy dress for a dog walk speaks to your effortless chic style. This outfit is both comfortable and stylish, showing that you enjoy expressing your femininity even in casual settings. You don't mind standing out a little and you bring a touch of elegance wherever you go.

Personality Insights:

  • Creative: Your style is unique and reflects your creative spirit. You enjoy playing with fashion and trying new looks.

  • Confident: Wearing a dress to walk your dog shows confidence. You’re comfortable in your skin and enjoy expressing your individuality.

  • Easygoing: The flowy nature of your dress suggests a relaxed and carefree attitude. You go with the flow and embrace the beauty in everyday moments.

Scenario 4: Cute Shorts and a Top

Casual and Ready for Fun

Opting for shorts and a comfortable top is a clear indication that you prioritize ease and practicality. This outfit is perfect for warmer days when you and your dog want to enjoy the sunshine and stay cool. It shows that you’re laid-back and ready for any adventure that comes your way.

Personality Insights:

  • Adventurous: You’re always up for a new experience and love exploring the outdoors with your dog.

  • Practical: Your choices are driven by comfort and functionality, ensuring you’re prepared for anything.

  • Friendly: This casual look makes you approachable and easy to talk to, often leading to friendly interactions with other dog walkers.

Dog walking in pants and top with hat

So, where do you fall? Is it accurate?

While I have fallen into each of these categories, my top dog walking outfit is jeans and a button-down. I alternate between two pairs of jeans and two button-downs. I swear my neighbors must think it's all I own ;) However, for me there's comfort in putting the same thing on each time I walk Bo. I don't worry about sweating or getting dirty because these designated items are almost exclusively reserved for dog walking. Wash and go ... on repeat!


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