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Executive Styling Services

C-level wardrobe styling


―  Earl of Chesterfield

Wardrobe Styling for C-Level & Executive Leaders

In the fast-paced world of executive and C-level leadership, image is not a superficial facet. It's a strategic asset that can shape careers, open doors and influence outcomes. The way one presents oneself in the professional sphere goes beyond mere attire, it extends to an embodiment of confidence, self-expression and authenticity.


Where decisions carry tremendous weight and leadership is scrutinized at every turn, one's image and self-expression become pivotal elements of influence. The profound impact of personal image and empowerment that stems from self expression within the realm of executive and C-level leadership makes it a formidable catalyst for success, innovation and transformation in the corporate world.

Whether you're making your first steps, aiming for the summit or charting a new course, your unique brand can set you apart and pave the way for your professional growth. This platform offers invaluable insights, allowing you to navigate the corporate landscape with poise, no matter where you are in your career.


Executive and C-level Styling is designed around your busy life with personal styling support in the following areas:

  • Personal brand discovery + profile (virtual or in person)

  • Style forecast and timeline

  • Closet assessment + edit (virtual or in person)

  • Virtual shopping

  • Monthly 1:1 style coaching + wardrobe planning (virtual)

  • Skin care + makeup routine, lesson and curated shopping (virtual)

  • Photo shoot prep, outfit styling and on set support (travel expenses additional if not local)


Honed in on you and YOUR life.

And DESIGNED  exclusively 

for YOU.


Personal branding is a necessity. Your personal brand influences your career trajectory and wardrobe styling plays a pivotal role in defining and enhancing it.


Confidence is the cornerstone of executive leadership and personal style can be a potent confidence booster. My team will align your wardrobe with your personal style, elevating your confidence, which in turn will lead to more effective communication, decision-making and leadership.


Revisit. Review. Reconceptualize. Revise.

My mission is to empower your presence, boost your confidence and help you move forward with style and grace.

Confidence isn't an abstract concept, it's something you can see, feel and wear. What you wear and how you present yourself can significantly impact your confidence levels. Through personalized style coaching, you will discover a style that aligns with your personality and professional aspirations. The right clothing isn't just a fashion statement, it's a confidence booster that sets the stage for your success.

I believe every woman has a unique personal brand waiting to shine. My team and I will work closely with you to uncover your strengths, values and aspirations. With this deep understanding, we'll craft a tailored personal brand strategy that aligns with your goals and positions you as an influential figure in your field. You'll get all the tools and resources you need — and the education to last a lifetime!


Command your value. The investment you make will come back to you. Take the first step toward a more confident, empowered you.

commanding PRESENCE

For countless working women striving to reach new heights in their careers, the challenge lies in not only being highly skilled but also in being taken seriously and exuding the confidence that commands respect. For women in executive and C-level positions, personal style and image are powerful tools that can shape personal brands and catalyze professional success. Wardrobe styling at this level for female executives supports a strong personal brand, nurtured through self-expression, and extends into their roles and professional conduct.

your STYLE, your Leadership

Your personal style extends into your leadership style. Your unique aesthetic can inform your approach to problem-solving, team management, and workplace interactions, ultimately enhancing your effectiveness as a leader. My team will help you build a versatile executive wardrobe that supports your professional goals and speaks to your personal brand, scalable and adaptable to the demands of your role.

What you can expect.

  • First and foremost, that weight lifted off your shoulders

  • Personal brand discovery, business brand perspective and direction on the visual representation you desire

  • Mood/inspo board with blueprint for your personal style and how you will express it with full alignment of life + brand essence

  • Complete wardrobe assessment and edit of the season we're in (twice if you opt for full year)

  • Consigning/tailor support

  • Virtual shopping for your dream wardrobe

    • A complete list of stores/resources and items with links of exactly what to buy so there's no guessing

    • Live text (or FaceTime) support as you shop in store so you get real-time guidance and answers

  • Styling support for your photo shoot to ensure absolute brand alignment (up to 2 for annual service)

  • Check-ins and support every other week to answer questions, provide styling guidance and plan for upcoming events (emergency fashion support​ as well)

  • Complete beauty guidance and support from skin care and cosmetics products and application to routines for everyday and evenings and/or event​s

  • Ready-to-go outfits from your wardrobe styled with fresh eyes to bring new life (and confidence) to your closet

I sense you are feeling relief right about now. Excellent. That's exactly why this is for you.

As a female executive or C-level leader, your personal brand is a formidable asset that can drive your success and influence your organization's culture. Are you ready to take your executive presence to the next level?


The choice is yours — 6 months or the entire year (go for the year because you will miss me after 6 months). You work hard and deserve professional assistance. You are absolutely worth the investment.


From entry to exit.

We welcome women at all stages of their professional journey. Whether you're just stepping into the corporate world, moving up within your organization or considering a graceful transition into retirement, this is your tool to harness your inner strength and confidence. Embrace your unique style, exude confidence and make a powerful impression at every stage of your life — whether you are moving IN, moving UP or moving OUT.

EXECUTIVE ATTIRE / corporate style / CAREER WARDROBE / C-LEVEL FASHION / leadership image / power dressing  

C-Level & Executive Wardrobe Styling and personal branding services in United States

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