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As a style and personal brand coach, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power alliances bring for businesses and communities. Collaborations enable us to combine our strengths, skills and knowledge, creating a powerful synergy that surpasses what any one of us can achieve alone. When we collaborate with others in the industry, we open ourselves to a wealth of fresh ideas and innovative approaches. Together, we can tackle challenges, solve problems and develop breakthrough concepts that push the boundaries of style and personal branding.

tap into new audiences


Expanded exposure not only benefits us, but also creates a broader impact on the lives of the people we serve. Beyond the practical advantages, these partnerships foster a sense of community and support. As a style and personal brand coach, my mission is to empower individuals to feel confident and at home in their skin. However, this journey of self-discovery and self-expression can be daunting. Through partnerships with like-minded professionals, we can create a network of encouragement, where individuals feel understood, motivated and inspired.


Customer  loyalty


Due to my love of all things stylish, coupled with my insatiable appetite for research and continual learning, curating for clients has always come natural to me. 


For over 26 years, I've been culling preeminent lifestyle brands for my clients. In addition, I've curated for local companies to bring unique perspectives, experiences and expertise to the table. By collaborating, we gain valuable insights into different approaches and techniques, broadening our horizons and becoming better coaches and mentors.

As curator, my job is to be a good steward, which I take very seriously. I'm known in the industry for my meticulous attention to detail and I enjoy keeping those who want to be in the know ahead of the curve. I want to direct your attention to what matters and help you understand why it matters. You'll be glad to know, for me it's always been about being mindful. And in this time in our lives, it's even more important to navigate life with this lens.

Consider the following for your business:

Outfit videos for social media:

  • Powerful visual content and its impact on engaging social media audiences

  • Outfit videos and their ability to inspire and educate viewers

  • Tips on creating effective outfits, including styling techniques, storytelling and incorporating brand messaging

Weekly Top 10:

  • Weekly top 10 list featuring the best products, outfits or style inspiration

  • Generating excitement, driving traffic and showcasing new arrivals or trends

  • Strategies for curating lists, including customer feedback, sales data and social media trends


Special merchandising in stores/mannequins:

  • Visual merchandising to create an immersive and appealing in-store experience

  • Merchandising initiatives, such as thematic displays, seasonal showcases or interactive elements

  • Eye-catching mannequins to showcase key products and inspire customers


Personalized client capsules:

  • Personalized client capsules, which are curated collections tailored to individual customer preferences

  • Enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Targeted product recommendations, styling tips and exclusive offers

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate on a feature for your company. Inquire into my 2025 calendar.

Curious about my curated lists? Come shop with me.

Collaborations and partnerships for retail with Brand & Fashion Stylist Catherine Horgan | Charlotte, NC

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