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Due to my love of all things stylish, coupled with my insatiable appetite for research and continual learning, curating for clients has always come natural to me. 


For over 24 years, I've been culling preeminent lifestyle brands for my clients. In addition, I've curated a Top 10 for local companies to highlight and feature for their customers.

Curator is a noun — one who keeps and organizes. And it has a verb counterpart: to curate is to organize and look after. True curation creates real value, provides context and shows how it fits into our world.


As stated by Larry Vincent from, "We’ve never needed curators more than we do right now. Consumers are over-saturated with options and information. While Google makes it easy for us to search the world for the best electric shaver, the search results page often raises more questions than it provides answers. Then there are social networks like Yelp, that in theory provide a helpful perspective through reviews and ratings, but they often raise more doubts because of the uncertain credibility of the reviewers. Our best insight on a Yelper is their number of reviews and the tone we can glean from what they’ve reviewed before. We have no idea whether they are truly qualified or not to guide us. We don’t know their expertise in this domain. All we have is their account of their own experience."

As curator, my job is to be a good steward, which I take very seriously. I'm known in the industry for my meticulous attention to detail and I enjoy keeping those who want to be in the know ahead of the curve. I want to direct your attention to what matters and help you understand why it matters. You'll be glad to know, for me it's always been about being mindful. And in this time in our lives, it's even more important to navigate life with this lens.

Currently, the following services are available:

  • Outfit Videos for Social Media

  • Weekly Top 10

  • Special Merchandising in Stores/Mannequins

  • Product Launch

  • Personalized Client Capsules

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate on a feature for your company. Inquire into my 2023/2024 calendar.

Curious about my curated lists? Come shop with me.


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Curator & Fashion Styling by Catherine Horgan | Charlotte, NC

Catherine Horgan | Wardrobe and Fashion Stylist in Maryland

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