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―  Catherine Horgan

inspired living.

When you are fully committed to discovering who you are, from the inside out, you begin to see life through a new lens. A clearer lens (....maybe even rose colored ).

As a wardrobe stylist, I can attest that it's much more than what our eyes see. Our personal brand portrays who we are, who we want to be and who people perceive us to be.


It's a fact that before we speak others have already decided whether they like and/or trust us based on our visual appearance.

Let me be clear, the focus is not material. On the contrary, the focus is inward.

EVERY body is different.


This is a journey. An exciting one! There's no need to emulate someone else’s style or habits. Together, we focus on what makes you YOU. 

How you express yourself to the world STARTS right here.

virtual STYLING

I love my work. Every day, I empower women to embrace their confident, beautiful selves through the power of life and style coaching, wardrobe refreshment and healthy encouragement — rooted in courage and clarity. 


I liken it to an ember — a small spark in that fading fire within you. Inspiring others is what continues to inspire me day in and day out.

As your virtual wardrobe stylist, my goal is to help you develop long-lasting confidence. To seek and find inspiration all around you. To feel light + excited to step into your day.


You’ll learn valuable personal styling tips while ditching the overwhelm and frustration.


I bet you can almost see that light at the end of the tunnel from here.


VIRTUAL styling services

So, what is a virtual stylist? Well, it’s like having a personal stylist in your pocket — all the attention of hands-on styling at home through the convenience of technology.

Wardrobe styling goes far beyond just picking out something to wear. It’s an understanding of personal brand, effortless style and the knowledge of how to interpret trends based on your personal style. It’s creating a customized wardrobe that truly expresses your unique style in a way that makes you feel confident every day.

Here are just a few of the my virtual styling packages and services:


YOUR personal brand unveiled.

This is an intense dive into all things you, well before we get into your closet. Personal branding focuses on establishing and promoting an individual's professional and personal identity and expertise. It's a powerful strategy — especially if you're looking to grow your career. Your personal brand can add value to your business by establishing trust, credibility and a sense of connection with your target audience. Once we have a handle on all extensions of your brand, we will map out your wardrobe over the span of 3 months. This is designed for the woman who wants to get it right without guessing — curation at its finest.


After our initial consultations, we will consult, plan and edit your wardrobe based on the season we're in. You will learn what styles and cuts work best for your body. I will personally curate your wardrobe based on your personal style, lifestyle and blueprint. As part of your package, you will receive an online closet that contains (1) your shopping portal with exclusive selections based on your brand and body shape, (2) a Lookbook with 15 styled outfit pairings each month during our 3 months together and (3) all the contents of your closet.


Talk about pure joy (and relief)!


In addition to hands-on style coaching, you will have unlimited text access during this time so you will never miss a beat ... and never have a fashion emergency.


Get the help you need and deserve today.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, out of time and unable to handle your wardrobe on your own, this is the best place to start. Don't wait a second longer. Style relief is heading your way!

FASHION EXPERT / wardrobe consulting / vip styling 


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