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Where competition is fierce and opportunities abound, establishing a strong personal brand and exuding confidence can be the key differentiator to propel you toward success.


Our personal brand presence is the image we project to the world, the reputation we build and the unique qualities that set us apart from others. In a professional setting, our personal brand should align with our values, skills and ambitions. It's not just about self-promotion; it's about showcasing our expertise, integrity and authenticity to inspire trust and confidence in those we interact with.


Building a strong personal brand presence starts with self-awareness. We must reflect on our strengths, weaknesses, passions and areas of expertise. By understanding ourselves better, we can craft a narrative that highlights our unique attributes and contributions. When we are genuine, our personal brand becomes more compelling and attractive.


Confidence is the foundation upon which personal brand presence is built. Confidence is not arrogance. Rather, it's a deep belief in our abilities and a positive attitude towards challenges. Confidence radiates through our body language, our speech and the way we carry ourselves. When we believe in ourselves, others are more likely to believe in us, too.

you are your brand.



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Personal brand presence and confidence in the workplace are not innate traits, but qualities that we can develop and nurture over time. By understanding ourselves, believing in our abilities and showcasing our authentic selves, we can create a powerful personal brand that sets us apart and opens doors to new opportunities. Let us embrace these qualities and unleash our full potential in the professional world..

Sure, we are human. We make mistakes. I certainly remind myself of this every time I speak in front of an audience. After all, it's what connects us. The common bond of vulnerability.


While the thought of being vulnerable may scare you, it's an absolute must to living free. Unbridled self expression comes from identifying and understanding personal brand. It's at the very core. It's our truth.

Branding has forever been embedded in me. For years I worked in the corporate world aligning companies to their customers by means of authentic connection, beginning in 1992. That laid the foundation for what came next — 1:1 branding. The personal brand. People.

And it truly is personal.

With a background in corporate branding, my knowledge translates into real world experience. It's that unique brand of skill, aptitude and intuitiveness that allows me to help clients develop the relationship they've always wanted with their wardrobes. 

As a wardrobe stylist, I can attest that it's much more than what our eyes see. Our brand portrays who we are, who we want to be and who people perceive us to be. And it's a fact that before we speak others have already decided whether they like and/or trust us based on our visual appearance. 

National Practice Leader, BDO 
Charlotte, NC

At BDO we believe in investing in our people beyond just a business knowledge standpoint. We want to support self growth and encourage a wholistic approach to building a meaningful career at BDO.

Inviting Catherine to speak to our men and women about expressing their personal style in the marketplace was the perfect extension of that approach, and fit right in to this quarter's theme of promoting self-confidence. She was engaging and truly understood how to mix personal style with self expression while still maintaining professionalism in the industry. Our team found her to be easy to talk to and left with easy tips to being our best most confident selves!

National League of Junior Cotillions
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for speaking at our two of our National League of Junior Cotillions national convention in Charlotte! It was very much a pleasure having you instruct our directors on the best ways to present themselves for their classes and events. I can't tell you how many directors enjoyed your segment. Looking forward to the next conference held in Charlotte. Thank you again!


PR Manager Neiman Marcus

Charlotte, NC

Catherine spoke at Neiman Marcus in Charlotte to a group of women about InsideOut Living. Her philosophy of how style factors into how you feel, and ultimately how you care for yourself, resonated with the group. People learned how to identify and express their personal style through their clothes and were shown how different items conveyed different things. A great evening of celebrating how we should all embrace what makes us unique and share it with the world.

Public Speaker on personal brand and confidence for Company Workshops, Company Retreats or Conferences | Catherine Horgan | United States

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