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First published July 19, 2017

Summer is moving along, and so are my legs. Thanks to healthy veins.

EVLT was a great experience, as I mentioned in May. I have already noticed a difference in leg cramping (no more!) and a decrease in spider veins. The only remnance left from the procedure is a slight tenderness and slightly numbing sensation up my left inner thigh. That may take another 6-9 months to go away, but overall, I am really pleased with my progress.

The next step in my vein care plan was medical sclerotherapy. I have had cosmetic sclerotherapy before, much to my disappointment, so I was eager to see what medical sclerotherapy was all about — the next level version, where a stronger liquid agent is injected into the spider vein, causing the vein walls to swell, stick together and seal shut. The unsightly and unwanted veins then die off and your body absorbs them over time.

Dr. Wang and his team at Charlotte Radiology Vein Centers rock! Not only did the procedures go smoothly, the results have been amazing. Only one leg is done at a time, and I get why. One leg is a lot and there is some pain involved. And then there's the swelling and bruising afterwards. My appointments were scheduled 3 weeks apart, wearing a compression stocking for 7 days after each procedure. Single compression stockings are critical. Trust me, I did the whole compresssion hose thing before and it was miserable. The compression stockings in addition to keeping my legs covered with pants, jeans or long dresses and skirts, wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Even on a hot, sticky lacrosse field.

What does it feel like? Well, like fire ants running through your veins. Though that feeling doesn't last long. I did need decompression on both legs (squeezing/releasing the blood from the dead veins) a few weeks after each sclerotherapy treatment. It doesn't hurt and it provided much relief.

Now that I am almost 8 weeks out from the medical sclerotherapy treatments, I can really see a difference in the appearance of my legs. Initially, 3 treatments per leg were scheduled. However, I only needed one. I may choose to get cosmetic sclerotherapy on the areas around my ankles in the fall, but overall, I am thrilled with what I am feeling and seeing. It is important to note, these procedures rid of existing spider veins but do not necessarily prevent future spider veins from popping up.

If you are curious about vein treatment options, I strongly encourage you to consult with Dr. Wang. It has been a far easier process than anticipated. And besides, I fell in love with the entire staff right out of the gate!

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